Format for WWF VII
Jeff Debraal, Tourny Director

To win:

The winner is the last man standing (The sole undefeated record). All other places will be determined by record. In case of ties, by difficulty of opponents beaten.


The tournament will start at High Noon on Friday. Games started before that time will not count !!

To be on pace you must complete 4 games before 11:00 pm on Saturday evening. Anyone who has not completed 4 games by that time will be out of the running, regardless of record. While you are undefeated, you should limit your games to a maximum of 5 hours. That includes setup. Either player may request a ruling from the TD at the end of 5 hours of play. Try very hard not to put me into that position. If I have to rule, both players will be required to leave the room. I will draft two other people, an advocate for each side. Each draftee will estimate his side's chance to win. If an agreement is reached among the two advocates then that will be the result, otherwise I will make a ruling based on my experience (of which I have 22 years). By playing in the tournament you agree to this stipulation. Also note, I have never had to call a game since WWF has had a high caliber of good sportsmanship.

Opponent Selection:

  1. In all cases, you must play someone with the same number of losses as yourself.
  2. Someone who isn't on your state team.
  3. Someone you haven't played before.
  4. Someone you haven't played very much.

Scenario Selection:

  1. Bring 3 scenarios to the table.
  2. Veto two of your opponent's choices.
  3. Choose between remaining two scenarios by mutual agreement or random.
  4. Choose sides by mutual agreement or random.

The best way to choose sides is for each player to place one squad of the side they want in their hand and then reveal them at the same time. If they are different, then sides are chosen; if they are the same, then roll for side. Remember, you need to choose a scenario that you both can finish in under 5 hours. If your opponent does not bring three scenarios to the table, then he must play one of yours.

State Trophy

The winner of the state trophy will be the team with the best record expressed as a percentage. Games played against members of your own state will not be counted toward the record.

Rules in Effect:

The 2nd edition ASLRB will be used to resolve all rule disputes. Any official errata published by MMP at least 2 weeks prior will also be used.