Red October Format Info Page

Jeff Debraal has agreed to run the tourney for us.
His decisions are final - whiners will be taken out and shot!

To Win Red October:

The winner will be undefeated and have completed six games.

All other places will be determined by record. In case of ties, by difficulty of

opponents beaten.

Winning pace:

To be on pace:

Game 1 completed before 7:00pm Friday

Game 2 completed before 8:00am Saturday

Game 3 completed before 1:00pm Saturday

Game 4 completed before 6:00pm Saturday


Game 5 must be started by 7:00pm Saturday

Game 6 must be started by 10:00am Sunday.

Anyone who has not completed 4 games by 6:00pm on Saturday will be out of the

running, regardless of record. While you are undefeated, you should limit your

games to a maximum of 5 hours. Either player may request a ruling from the TD at the

end of 5 hours of play. Try very hard not to put me into that position.

Opponent Selection:

1. In all cases, you must play someone with the same number of losses as yourself.

2. Someone you haven't played before.

3. Someone you haven't played very much.

Scenario Selection:

1. Bring 3 scenarios to the table.

2. Veto two of your opponent's choices.

3. Choose between remaining two scenarios by mutual agreement or random.

4. Choose sides by mutual agreement or random.

The best way to choose sides is for each player to place one squad of the side they

want in their hand and then reveal them at the same time. If they are different, then

sides are chosen; if they are the same, then roll for side. Remember, you need to

choose a scenario that you both can finish in under 5 hours.

Rules in Effect:

Errata from the '96 annual, '97 annual, J1, AP1, and AP2 are in effect as well as

'87, '89, '90, '91, '92, '98, and '99 errata pages. The Reverse Motion Optional Rule (F.11)

is in effect.

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