Red October Tournament Info Page

Shilo Inn
Tualatin, Oregon
October 6, 7, & 8


The Berserk Commissars are pleased to host the Red October Tournament the first weekend in October. Come join us for a weekend of Advanced Squad Leader fun. If you're interested in the format we've planned, click here.

We've put together a collection of prizes, T-shirts, and trinkets so no one goes home empty handed. Along with the tournament sequence of scenarios there will be prizes awarded to the winner of the "Hero" and "Tank Rumble" games. For those of you down on your luck, the poor souls who come under the sniper's gunsights the most, and the fellow who "voluntarily" de-evolves his troops will get some special sympathy. You can see the list of prizes here.

Registration can be in advance or at the door. You can register in advance by sending a $20.00 (USD) check to:

David Hauth
1717 NE 159th St
Portland, OR 97233

You can also register at the door for a surprisingly low $25.00 (USD).

Berserk Commissars have arranged a special room rate and a group of rooms with the Tualatin Shilo Inn. Just ask them for the Red October rate ($75.00/night). The Shilo Inn can be reached at (503)639-2226.

We're still working out transportation from the Portland Airport to the Shilo Inn. If we are unable to arrange any transport, the fallback will be the "Beaverton Airporter" transport service. This is expected to be approximately $20.00 for the trip. A map to the facility can be retrieved

TriMet bus lines 36,38,76, and 96 all stop ant Tuality "Park and Ride". The "Park and Ride" is directly across the street from the Shilo Inn.

Easily accessable by TriMet bus lines 36, 38, 76, 96. All stop at Tualaty Park and Ride Directly across the street from the Shilo Inn.

Food and stuff:
The great thing about this venue is that is close to all of the staples any self respecting ASL'r would ever need. You need grease, salt, sugar, or beer? Well it will be close by…

Chevron with GreedyMart


Wells Fargo Bank in Safeway

Village Inn


Dalton's Steak House

Wu's Open Kitchen

Koon Lok


Burger King



Winchell's Donuts

Baskin N Robbins

Border's Books

LazerQuick Copies



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The Commissars Responsible for this:

Captain Johnnie - PR

Bruce - Infrastructure

Dave Hauth - Money (doh! he's a banker...)

Clayton - Flyers

Andre the Giant - Shirts (he's one of those artsy types)

Tycho - Web site, toys (but of course)

Jeff - Tourney Director